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Qualitative Market Research

Qualitative Market Research

Our staff of market research professionals can design your study from concept to completion; we can implement the screening material, recruit the participants and devise the market research technique that will provide the most insight and best results for your research project.

To suit the needs of our clients, InTandem also offers one-on-one interviewing, in-store demos and audits, mock trials, door-to-door interviewing, and complete marketing strategies. We strive to offer any market research need in Eastern North Carolina.

Focus Groups

The Focus Group is a research method used to help companies explore and gain a deeper understanding of consumers' perceptions, feelings, motivations and desires. The Focus Group is a well-respected means of gathering in-depth, qualitative information, such as opinions, attitudes and desires.

Focus Groups bring eight to ten people together for a round table discussion lasting from one to two hours. Qualified participants are typically recruited by telephone and offered an incentive to attend a session. Participants are oftentimes qualified by targeted demographics.

Our sessions are usually recorded by video and audiotape to allow for discussion transcripts. This provides further analysis of qualitative and quantitative data from other regional and national sources.

We can learn what current customers and potential clients truly think. We can help determine "what if..." by providing detailed information and exploring possibilities. We assist in the discovery of competitive strengths (and weaknesses). This helps guide our customers in developing more effective marketing programs.

Product Development

InTandem's experience extends to product development research. Various marketing research techniques can be used to test new product concepts and usability. Research for product development can include package design research as well as user feasibility studies.


InTandem handles all aspects of intercepts, including questionnaire design, and the collection and analysis of results. We will work closely with you to determine what information will be required to produce the desired outcome. With markets constantly evolving, intercepts prove useful in identifying new opportunities and problems that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Mystery Shops

InTandem is also available to provide services in which we can test the functionality of systems, procedures and employees by assuming the role of client or customer. You can depend on us to provide you with accurate results in this type of study.