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Participant FAQ

How will my information be used?
Your information will be stored in our database and only accessed if there is a focus group opportunity for which you qualify.

If I submit my information, will it ever be used for another purpose or sold?
No. Your information will be kept private and never sold. Only our professional recruiting staff has access to our market research database.

If I participate in your market research studies, will you try to sell me anything?
No. Your participation in our studies is solely to gather your opinion. You will never be solicited to buy products or services while involved in any of InTandem’s studies.

If I participate, will I be paid?
Yes and no. You will receive payment for your opinions and participation in a focus group. Oftentimes, InTandem conducts phone and online surveys. And we often screen candidates with questions related to recruiting for Focus Groups. In these situations, there may be no payment for participants.