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About Us

Company / Welcome Letter

We are excited that you have chosen to visit InTandem’s Marketing website. In these pages, I hope you will find the information you are looking for to conduct your next marketing research project. Our experienced staff is available to assist you with both qualitative and quantitative research, and with proven results. InTandem’s focus group facilities have the accommodations you will expect. However, our facility cannot operate without a staff committed to your project.

We cover Eastern North Carolina. We have the experience to manage multiple locations within this geographical area, as well as North Carolina’s Piedmont Region. Our database and networking capabilities will make your trip to our area a pleasant and stress-free experience.

InTandem has over 25 years of proven experience in the marketing research field. We gather and obtain public opinions for product development, the medical industry, food chains, military facilities, the telecommunications industry and more. Throughout each intercept, focus group or phone survey, I personally oversee every marketing research project InTandem completes and can guarantee its success.

Thank you for choosing InTandem to be your marketing research partner.

To our continued success,


Georgina Quinn